Relative to comfort, the size of the bed chosen is equally important for obtaining a restful night's sleep. Sufficient space to accommodate yourself comfortably increases the opportunity for a restful sleep. For example, if you plan to share a full size mattress, each adult would share a sleep space approximately the width of a baby mattress. A queen size bed offers 20% more space than a full size bed. The illustration following shows the difference in relative bed sizes and provides you with some basic information on the standard sizes and special orders available.

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Crib Mattress 27 x 54

Youth Bed 30 x 72

Twin 39 x 75

Twin XL 39 x 80

3/4 Bed 48 x 72 (most times)

Full 54 x 75

Full XL 54 x 80

Queen 60 x 80

Cal. Queen 60 x 84 (waterbed)

King 76 x 80

Cal. King 72 x 84 (waterbed)

TWIN: Frequently used as a young child's starter set or in the guest room. Can be special ordered in extra long, which is 80" in length.

FULL: Known for years as a "standard" or "double". Although two people can sleep on a double, they each would have no more room than a baby crib mattress. Can be special ordered in extra long, which is 80" in length for the retail price of the Queen.

QUEEN: The most popular size. It provides 6 inches extra width and an additional 5 inches in length. The additional length is an important feature for people over 5'5".

KING: Spacious and roomy, it is 16 inches wider than the Queen, and is highly recommended when space is available.

CALIFORNIA KING: Usually a special order. It is longer at (84"), but is 4" narrower (72") than the standard King. All water beds are California Kings. We sell California King Mattresses for people that are tired of their old waterbed bladder and want an innerspring mattress but want to keep their headboard and pedestal drawers. Our California King innerspring mattress fits perfectly inside their waterbed frame.


The bed frames we carry are very durable and we stand behind the product with a one year guarantee. Below is a breakdown of the frames available.

Price From: $599.00